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The Colombia Viva Dance wants building bridges between the old and the new wherever possible, giving Colombia a strong and positive voice to be heard and respected all over the world. However, the original idea of the group remains intact giving to know the dances and the Colombian culture. The group also receives people who want to learn the Colombian dances regardless of their nationality or age, it is only enough to have the wish, the energy and the responsibility to be a member.

Colombia Viva is a Colombian folkloric dance group that was formed in 2001. Founded by Sara Mendoza and Fernando Rodríguez. Its goal is to communicate and promote Colombian culture through music, rhythm, and joy, which are genuine characteristics of the beautiful country of Colombia and its people.   Colombia Viva has participated in cultural events throughout northern California the past eight years and performs a wide variety of folkloric and traditional dances such as the Cumbia, Vueltas Antioqueñas, Joropo, Garabato, Bambuco, Guabina, Sanjuanero, Mapalé, Currulao, Bullerengue, Bambazú, Porro, modern ballet style Cumbia, Chirimía, Caderona, Salsa and other dances.

In 2007, Irina Bilbao joined the group and was promoted in 2008 to Choreographer and Director.  This energetic woman was born in Barranquilla, She spend her childhood in Colombia always surrounder by music, dance, and vibrant culture. Since her arrival, Irina Bilbao has transformed the Colombia Viva Dance Group by raising the artistic level the group with new energy and vision as well as introducing new choreographies into repertoire.


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