The Guabina, according to Magdalena Rafting, is a sung tune, rather than danced; it is exclusively vocal (singing with no music), and in the interludes, the torbellino is danced. The danced guabina has a single sample called the guabina chiquinquireña; the instruments used to accompany the guabinas keeps its traditional richness, and is supported in the part of the melody by the fife and small guitar (tiple), some times aided by the coarse cane flute, and always by the chucho, carraca, quiribillo and cane rasp, as by the tambourine and the puerca or zambumbia, in the rhythmic part.

As a Spanish word, guabina can refer to the song/dance, to a simple person, a type of fish or a tool used to control domestic animals. 

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